• What is Vestris?

    Vestris operates open-source services and promotes software designed and developed by independent programmers, including Playplay.io, Slava and S'Up. We are committed to open-source, comaintain and contribute to frameworks and libraries such as slack-ruby, ruby-grape, hashie, strava-ruby-client and iex-ruby-client.

  • Vestris is an O.G. interactive company!

    Vestris was born in 1994 as an independent research and development organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Our flagship software in the 90s included the Alakaline search engine, XReplace-32, Expression Calculator, aGNeS BBS and IRMA. Vestris provided software and services in 42 countries and has proudly served tens of thousands of clients. The company was rebooted in New York City in 2019 by dblockdotorg.